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With excellent manufacturing capabilities, JL MAG’s products are widely used in wind power, new energy vehicles, inverter air conditioners, energy-saving elevators and
other industrial energy-saving motors; JL MAG has built close strategic partnership with international leading companies in various industries. View details

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    STOCK CODE : 300748.SZ / 06680.HK

    JL MAG Rare-Earth Co., Ltd., which listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on September 21st 2018 with stock code 300748, is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic materials. It is a leading supplier of global new energy resources and environmentally friendly core applied materials. The products of JL MAG are widely used in new energy vehicles and auto parts, energy-saving inverter air conditioners, wind power, 3C, energy-saving elevators, robots & intelligent manufacturing, rail transit and other fields. JL MAG has established long-term and firm cooperative relations with domestic and overseas leading companies in those various fields.

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  • 300748.SZ

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